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Chocolate Cake

This is a recipe for a particular light and airy chocolate cake. The recipe might have been invented before the Revolution by one of the chefs to an aristocratic Russian house or to one of the grand restaurants in St.Petersburg or Moscow. But it may have originated in Soviet era when cake-baking at home was at its height as, unlike many other cooking ingredients, the ingredients for cakes were easily available in the shops. Baking tips were eagerly sort out and shared around and the best recipes were copied in hand-written cooking books. If this recipe is the result of cake-baking experimentation during these years, then the Soviet secrets are out:


For the cake
210g self-raising flour
200 sugar
50g cocoa powder
7 eggs
1tbl of baking powder

For the syrup
4 tablespoons of Rum
1 tablespoon of sugar
½ spoon of lemon juice
200 ml of boiled water

For the glazing and filling

50g of butter or spread
3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
1 tablespoon of sugar
120g of high quality (at least 70%) chocolate


1.Separate the egg yokes and egg whites
2.Beat egg whites at a high speed with an electric mixer for about 1 min

3.Gradually add sugar to egg whites, about 3 table spoons at a time and beat until the mixture forms stiff peaks.

4. Mix together and sift flour, cocoa power and baking powder.

5.This stage is the most important one. You need to mix together all cake ingredients. Put egg yokes into a big bowl, mix them together, and then gradually add egg whites, several tablespoons at a time interchanging with the mixture from the step 4. Use a wooden spoon to fold the ingredients together gently and swiftly in a circular, one-way motion. The folding should take no more than 2 min.

6.Put the mixture into an oiled cake tin, about 8 inches in diameter and bake in a pre-heated oven, gas mark 6 for about 45 min.

Filling and glazing the cake:

This is a slight modification of the original recipe which suggests to wait until the cake cools down. I found that cutting the cake while it is still hot and brushing it with the syrup will make for a more moist cake.

7. While the cake is still hot, cut it into three layers of an equal width.
8. Mix together the syrup ingredients and brush or pour the syrup evenly over the cake.
9. Mix together the butter, cocoa powder and sugar and spread the filling over the bottom two layers.
10. Assemble the cake.
11. . Melt the chocolate in a small pan set inside a bigger pan of simmering water.
12. Pour the chocolate over the top of the cake and spread it over the top and the sides of the cake with a palate knife.

More recipes are coming!


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